Eco Roots found in 2018, to build the healthy society where small farming households enjoy good living conditions and strong cooperation, with the right and power to determine their own destinies, as well as play an important role in supplying healthy food for the whole society.


  • To become leader in supplying of quality and safe food in Chennai.
  • To improve farmers living conditions and contributes in promoting the products of small and medium-scale entrepreneurs by supplying the agricultural products to natural market
  • To contribute in environmental protection
  • To contribute in reducing the influx from foreign products


  • Build the capacity of farmers and farmer organizations to improve their standard of living and their community.
  • Facilitate rural community to absorb the information, services and resources to improve the family economy and to sustainable rural development.
  • Push the food you eat to get a safe.
  • Support development with the participation and building a climate of good governance to development family agriculture.The benefit of farmers and consumers


  • Getting the healthy and safe food
  • Contribution in improving the livelihoods of farmer producers
  • Contribution in environmental protection and bio diversity of agriculture
  • Contribution in promoting local products
  • Farmers
  • Having market for products sale with optimal price
  • Getting the technical support and farm management to increase product and reduce costs price
  • Getting the support on collaboration work with each other between the producers and producer.